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Our drivers are on the road 7 days a week starting at 5 am. Each driver has a specific route. If they see the full indicator light is off at your house they will fill up your tank using the water hook up outside. Your tank has an indicator mechanism that turns on the outside light when full. The driver watches for this light. If the light fails there is also an overflow pipe next to the water hook up which is directly connected to the tank. If the water level is too high in the tank, water flows out of the overflow pipe alerting the driver to stop. 

Each tank is different and you may not have a full indicator light or overflow however, this is the typical setup. Please familiarize yourself with your water fill system and ensure it is in working order.

If you’ve run out of water and cannot wait until your next delivery day we will do an extra delivery. If our drivers are still out on the road working, the call out fee is $90. If our trucks have parked for the day (typically around noon) the call out fee is $150. The after hours call outs require a driver to come back to the shop, fire up a truck, and get to your residence or building. We always do our best to get someone out to you right away and appreciate your patience as we set these deliveries up. The driver will collect either cash or cheque from you upon delivery unless EFT was set up in advance or you have an account with WB.

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