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If you’ve run out of water and cannot wait until your next delivery day we will do an extra delivery. If our drivers are still out on the road working, the call out fee is $90. If our trucks have parked for the day ((typically around noon) the call out fee is $150. The after hours call outs require a driver to come back down to the shop, fire up a truck, and get to your residence or building. We always do our best to get someone out to you right away and appreciate your patience as we set these deliveries up. The driver will collect cash from you upon delivery.

If you are continually running out of water you may have a leaky faucet or toilet. If this is the case you will hear your water pump kicking in a lot more than usual. The pump only runs when you are using water so if it turns on but the laundry machine/dishwasher/shower etc. are not in use you know you have a problem.


We don’t offer tank cleaning services but there are some local businesses who do. 

Cleaning your own tank is also an option, we’ve included a few helpful tips below. You'll want to do this either during the summer months or the night before your scheduled delivery date. Let us know if you are planning to clean your tank so we can ensure an early delivery the next day.

  • completely drain your tank of water, do all your laundry, dishes, have a long shower, bathe your dog.

  • We find wearing a headlamp is a big help when in the tank. It leaves both hands free to clean.

  • You may find a bit of sediment at the bottom of your tank, easy enough to wipe or sweep up. 

  • Clean the tank with water or a nontoxic cleaner. We recommend a very small amount of bleach mixed with water.

  • Thoroughly rinse the tank before refilling so your water is crystal clear.


In order to keep our drivers safe we ask residents to consider the following:


  • Keep dogs contained and clear of the water hook up. We love dogs but they can be spooked by our loud trucks. We’ve had dogs lash out at our drivers or run away from home. Best to keep dogs safe and comfortable away from the hook up. 


  • Make sure the path to the water hookup is clear of debris, doggie doo-doo, and free of ice. Ice is especially dangerous for our drivers; slips, trips and falls are a major concern. Please ensure your home or business is a safe place for our drivers to work. 


  • Make sure my lights are working. The indicator light on the outside of your house tells a driver when to stop pumping water into your tank. If the light is off, they pump water until the light turns on. If the light is burnt out it won’t turn on, and won’t tell the driver to stop pumping. This can lead to flooding in your home. If the light isn't functioning the driver will leave you a notice.

  • Keeping my overflow pipe clear. If the indicator light fails, we depend on the overflow pipe to tell us when the tank is full. If the overflow pipe is blocked by ice or debris, excess water will flood your house rather than releasing through the overflow.  If we notice the overflow seems to be blocked we will leave a note on your front door asking you to clear it. We will not be able to deliver you water until it is clear. Also, please ensure your tank is sealed (the lid is on tight) in order for the overflow to work properly. 


If you are working on a special project and need a quote for water services send us an email at and we will get you a quote within 3 business days. Make sure to include how big the tank is, how often you will need water, for how long of a duration, and the physical location for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ
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